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24/7 Professional Flatbed Towing in South San Francisco

While there are several methods to tow vehicles there’s no doubt that flatbed towing is one of the best.

What is flatbed towing?

Regular towing trucks tow vehicles by lifting the towed vehicles’ front wheels off the ground. Regardless of how effective this method is, it still has several shortcomings, such as possible damage to towed vehicles due to road conditions, irrelevance for certain types of vehicles (such as especially low cars or motorcycles), etc.
Flatbed towing means that the tow truck has a large flat surface (hence its name) onto which the towed car is hoisted and to which the towed car is securely fastened and harnessed. This means that the towed car is completely off the ground and makes contact only with the tow truck. This also means that the towing should only be done by trained professionals in order to avoid endangering your car or other motorists.

What’s So Great About Flatbed Towing?

As suggested by the above-listed shortcomings of regular towing methods, flatbed towing offers the opposite advantages:

  • No road contact: flatbed towing means that the towed vehicle has no contact with the road. This way your car is not exposed to further damage by lesser road conditions, pit holes, and the like.
  • The convenience of use: flatbed towing is an extremely convenient towing method. Furthermore, it offers solutions to situations where regular towing methods are not applicable, such as towing especially low cars, towing motorcycles, etc.

Our Customers Repeatedly Use Us Due to Several Important Advantages:

  • Availability: we maintain a fully and continuously staffed dispatch center, which means that whenever you need us, we’ll be here.
  • Fast arrival time: one of our professional teams will be at your side within minutes, which means you won’t have to suffer for long, nor waste the greater part of your day.
  • Professionalism: our technicians are certified and vastly experienced. They’ve literally towed everything. There’s no situation or towing need they can’t successfully meet.